Cosmetic Dentistry

Here at Copper Creek we are proud of the many treatments we have available for you right here at our office. Everyone comes to us in a different situation and everyone has needs that are unique. Some of the needs are simple and others are complex. We draw from a wide range of treatments to help you get the smile you desire. Some benefit from orthodontics or implants and in some cases a full reconstruction is necessary to restore proper form and function. Here are some of our more popular treatments.

Porcelain Veneers

Over the decades many techniques have been developed to create a beautiful smile.  One of the dental standards is the porcelain veneer. Veneers have evolved over time and using the latest techniques and materials they can look better and last longer than ever before. Every situation is different and may require specific modifications to the approach for treatment however as a general rule we like to minimize the amount of natural tooth removed allowing us to create a fantastic bond to a very strong underlying enamel. In some cases almost no removal of tooth structure is needed. 

Veneers are a strong covering that go over the front of your teeth.

When you come in for an appointment a digital impression and several measurements and photographs are taken of your teeth and smile. Using these measurements a model of your restorations can be made and using this model we can often make your final restoration in the office the same day the work is done. Some cases require the use of temporary veneers for a short time while the final restorations are completed.

Tooth Whitening

We offer a range of whitening products customizable to an individuals lifestyle and level of sensitivity. We offer in office options for those who want the brightest teeth the fastest. We also offer some take home options for those who don’t mind a more gradual result or who may have high sensitivity. Whichever option is best for you the confidence and comfort a bright white smile brings is undeniable and we love offering this treatment to our patients.

Orthodontics/Invisalign Whitening

Straight white teeth are the basics of cosmetic dentistry. For that reason each treatment of Invisalign includes whitening free! Find out more on Invisalign by visiting the Orthodontics/Invisalign tab or call us at 417-581-0835, Also see a simulation of your smile using your cell phone here or use the QR code: