This is one area of dentistry where the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Misalignment of the jaw or teeth is common and it is estimated almost 75% of American adults have some form of malocclusion.  Though this is a common issue the future has never been brighter. Through these advances in technology and the understanding of how our body works straightening your teeth is easier and cheaper than it has ever been before. We love the great benefits to be had through clear aligner therapy compared to traditional wire braces. The same tooth movements can be achieved usually in half the time or less at the same time reducing inconvenience and discomfort.
Also due to advances in digital imaging and lab services Dr. Jacoby can utilize a team of professionals to assist him in providing your care so you don’t always need to see a specialist.


Dr. Jacoby has a level of experience and training in orthodontics far exceeding most general dentists and truly loves providing this care for his patients. There are few things in dentistry that can provide such drastic results in a relatively short period of time, most cases lasting less than 12 months.

Some of the benefits of straighter teeth are:
Less Cavities

Crooked and overlapping teeth harbor bacteria and make it much harder for you to clean your teeth. This bacteria takes sugars from your body and produce acids that eat through the solid structure of the tooth creating holes in the teeth that can harbor more bacteria. In addition crowded teeth obstruct the natural flow of saliva which in a health occlusion washes away acids and carries minerals from your body that can strengthen and heal damage done to your teeth.  In a spacing situation the teeth are not as well supported by neighboring teeth. A clenching or grinding habit will cause the teeth to flex. Trauma in this way can cause the gum tissue and bone to recede exposing more of the softer parts of the tooth that are less resistant to decay.

Healthier Gums
In a crowded situation the bacteria that are harbored between the teeth irritate the soft tissue around the teeth causing it to become inflamed. This causes sores to develop that make the teeth sensitive and these open sores can allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream which can have many negative effects throughout your body. The inflammation caused by the bacteria in most people over a long period of time will cause bone loss around the teeth that can sometimes lead to deep infection and eventual loss of teeth.  In a spacing situation the teeth are not as well supported by neighboring teeth. Food particles are more likely to traumatize the gum tissue and the recession thins the gingiva making it less resistant.

Reduced wear on teeth and TMJ
A bad bite is hard on more than just your teeth. This strains the muscles tendons and the joint between your lower jaw and skull. There are many disorders linked to dysfunction in this area. These can result in headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, issues with balance, and ear aches. While there are many factors that can affect the health of this joint the positioning of your teeth in a healthy way greatly reduces trauma to the joint and can reduce or eliminate symptoms. We have had many pts note after orthodontic treatment a reduction in frequency or severity of headaches and many other improvements!

I’ve been told I’m not a candidate for Invisalign…
The technology for clear aligner therapy has grown extremely fast. Many Individuals who were not considered candidates for Invisalign are now able to be treated with Invisalign better than with traditional braces. Come on in for a free consultation. And find out if you really could be a candidate.

Though it is uncommon for someone to naturally develop a straight healthy smile everyone can have that opportunity with treatment.  Give us a call to set up a free consultation. The exam and x-rays to determine a plan for orthodontic treatment are free and many times you can have a digital simulation of your final smile before you leave.

To see a simulation of your smile using your cell phone, use this link here or use the QR code: