Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants

Missing teeth cause a multitude of problems. Replacing teeth has never been easier. From experiments in implant surgery in the 1970s where it took over a year before a final restoration could be placed we now have a complete restoration in three months in most cases.
In some cases the amount of bone available is insufficient for a long term predictable restoration. There are several state of the art techniques applied in our office to maximize the use of the bone present or to increase the bone availability. Sometimes grafting procedures can be utilized to add to the current bone.


Dental bridges are an excellent tried and true method for replacing missing teeth. Our state of the art restorative lab allows us to provide most patients with a highly esthetic final restoration the same day the treatment begins. This saves patients a lot of time and discomfort. In most offices a patient may have to wait several weeks in a plastic temporary that leaks, may hurt, and might even fall out. In ours we have complete control over the process increasing the quality and getting you in a final restoration faster.

I’ve been told I can’t get implants… Early techniques had severe limitations. With modern approaches we can often place predictable restorations that we wouldn’t have dreamed of a couple of short decades ago. Please come in and receive a free implant consultation to find out what needs to be done so you can have the smile you deserve.